Effective motor cooling due to discharge channel cast as part of the motor housing,allowed to run at low water level for a long time.

Semi-open impeller made of high chrome alloy

The pump can operate automatically with bulit-in intellgent control system,thus achieve low total energy costs.

 Main advantages 

●Potect against reverse phase,ensuring correct impeller rotation;

●Protect against open phase or impeller jam,thus prevent accidental damage;

●Automatically stops the pump in event of overload,abnormal voltage and recovery 5 min later.

●The pump stop working at high temperature,and will automatically boot after cooling to the specified temperatrue;

●The water sensor's height is adjustable to control pump operation and stop.

●The pump stops working within 60s when water level is below the probe and keep downtime for 180s,after 180s,when the water level is above the probe,the pump will work again.

●Rapid assessment about the pump operation and malfunction history.


●Capacity:up to 150m3/min  ●Head:up to 50m  ●Power:1.5Kw(2HP)to 11KW(15HP)

Power supply:Three phase 400V±10%,50Hz,380V±10%,60Hz

●Insulation class:F  ●Protection class:IP68  ●Water temperature:up to 40℃  ●Max.water depth:25m


●Civil engineering  ●Mines,quarriers,coal ore&slurries  ●Sewage treatment plants

●General pumping purposes  ●Pumping fluid:sludge,sludge,liquids containing mud and/or bentonite

 Special features on request 

●Other voltages